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PRASOL Consult (PRASOL) is a research; training and consulting company specialized in offering up-to date Practical Solutions on organizational and social development challenges. Registered in Kenya since 2005, and with working experiences in the Eastern and the Horn of Africa regions, PRASOL strives towards innovating sustainable solutions and developing competences within the public, private, and the non-profit sectors. We do this through research, innovation, training, information dissemination and quality technical advice.

At PRASOL, we recognize that change is the most constant element in today’s globalized and highly dynamic world. For individuals and institutions to be able to perform better at solving individual, organizational and societal challenges, PRASOL believes that we must devise new, strategic and creative ways of managing change.
To achieve this, PRASOL brings together a network of experienced professionals who have over 25 years of hands-on experiences in the field of applied research, development, strategic management and institutional development and innovative technologies to develop efficient, effective and practical solutions to everyday challenges at home, work and in our communities.

Our Vision

A hub for excellence in applied research, competence development, change management and IT solutions for sustainable development.

Our Mission

We strive towards innovating sustainable solutions and developing competences of individuals and organizations within the public, private, and the non-profit sectors.

Our Approach

  • Our approach is practical, creative and collaborative.
  • We listen and integrate our clients’ vast experience in finding practical solutions to their work challenges in a dynamic developing world.
  • Our focus is on clients’ needs for practical solutions.
  • We maintain a progressive approach which seeks to incorporate tested and contemporary methods of solving day to day individual, organizational and societal challenges in a sustainable manner.
  • We have a core team of experts who offer technical knowledge, insights and expertise.
  • We ensure quality control, value for money and better results for all our assignments.

Our Team

Our Clients

  • Care International
  • Caritas
  • Danish Refugee Council
  • solidariteslogo
  • Oxfam Novib
  • Isiolo County Government
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