PRASOL brings together qualified and experienced researchers, trainers and subject matter experts to undertake all its assignments. PRASOL assignments are ‘team-facilitated’, offering the client varied and complimentary angles. in any all training sessions.

Below is a brief profile of PRASOL’s key resource persons:

Dr. Abduba Mollu,PhD

Managing Director (MD)

Dr. Abduba Mollu Ido is a governance, management and institutional development specialist with hands on experience spanning 20 years in three countries in East and Horn of Africa. He is currently undertaking a PhD in Governance and Leadership at JKUAT. His area of interest has been institutionalization of local governance and institutional development processes by supporting formulation of policies, systems and tools, and capacity development aimed at enhancing effective service delivery to citizenry especially at the local levels

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Dr. Joyce Nzulwa,PhD


Dr. Joyce Nzulwa (PhD) has a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration, an MA in Counseling Psychology and MBA in HRM. She has over 13 years teaching experiences in JKUAT, KU, KeMU, Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology and Thika Technical Institute.

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Dr. Rukia Atikiya ,PhD


Dr. Rukia Atikiya (PhD) is a lecturer on Strategic Management and a researcher on Competence-based education. She is interested in exploring the critical link between education, strategy, entrepreneurship and empowerment, especially of marginalized groups

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Other Associates

Ms. Daisy Ondwari

Ms. Daisy Ondwari has a MSc and bachelors in Information Technology. She is an experienced researcher, author and lecturer in Computer Science, IT and Business IT. She has co-authored a number of research papers and lectured in Kenya and Rwanda where she was the Head of the IT Department in the University of Kigali. Ms Daisy has particpated in development and review of computer science curriculum. Her areas of interests include web designing and application development, academic and corporate research and training, data mining and warehousing

Mr. Haron Tinega

Mr. Haron Tinega is currently pursuing a PhD study in Organizational Development and Transformation. He has MSc and Bachelors in IT and extensive teaching and consultancy experience. He has co-authored a book and undertaken numerous academic research in Projects and Education Management Information Systems. Haron is well-versed in computing and has developed a number of software and web programming including the establishment of virtual learning systems in Kenya and Rwanda. He has interests in the interface between IT and organisational development and transformation research.

Mr. Alpha Nunda

Mr. Alpha Nunda has an MBA in Finance and Banking as well as BCOM in Accounting and Business Administration. He is an experienced researcher, author and lecturer. He has lectured at a number of universities in Kenya and Rwanda in Accounting, Finance and Management. He has undertaken a number of scholarly research, supervised research projects, and participated in development of business education (accounting) curriculum and attended numerous conferences in Kenya and Rwanda. Alpha is computer savvy with ICDL and an an affiliate of ACCA.