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PRASOL acknowledges that globalization and advancements in technology currently being witnessed across the globe is having huge impact on our lives. Information technology in general and data analytics in particular, is changing how individuals and organisations relate to with each other and performing day to day tasks and will ultimately impact on the society. It is with this realization that PRASOL is paying keen interest in identifying key challenges that, individuals, organizations and society experiences which can be solved with appropriate IT solutions and data analytics. PRASOL has assembled a team of social scientists and IT solution experts with a view of devising tools and applications that can provide data driven decisions for practical solutions to these challenges.

Some of the IT/Digital solutions that PRASOL is currently involved in include:

HRM Applications
Customer Relationship mgt
Asset Mgt Systems
School Mgt Sytems
Market Infor Mgt Sytems
University Infor Assessment Systems
Labor Market Mgt Sytems
Health Insurance Mgt Systems