Project/Programme Management

Project and programme management involves the planning, executing, and overseeing of projects or programmes to achieve specific objectives within a set timeframe and budget.

While projects are temporary endeavors with a clear beginning and end, programmes are collections of related projects managed in a coordinated way to achieve strategic objectives.
Efficient project and programme management is the cornerstone of successful initiatives. Effective project and programme management ensures that initiatives are completed successfully, delivering the intended value and benefits to stakeholders.

Project/Programme Management Phases

  • This phase involves defining the project or programme at a high level. Key activities include developing a business case, conducting feasibility studies, and identifying key stakeholders. This sets the groundwork for project planning and approval.
  • In this phase, detailed plans are created to guide the project/programme execution. This includes defining objectives, scope, timelines, resources, budget, and risk management strategies. The goal is to create a roadmap that ensures all aspects are covered and aligns with the overall strategy.
  • This phase is where the work gets done. Resources are allocated, tasks are performed, and deliverables are created according to the project plan. Effective execution requires strong coordination and communication among team members and stakeholders.
Monitoring, controlling and evaluation
  • Continuous tracking of the project/programmes progress against the plan is crucial. This involves performance
    measurement, identifying variances, and implementing corrective actions to ensure the project stays on track.
  • Once the project/programme objectives are met, this phase involves finalizing all activities, obtaining stakeholder approvals, and formally closing the project. Lessons learned are documented, and a post-implementation review is conducted to assess the outcomes and impact.

Our menu of services under Project/Programme Management

At PRASOL, we offer a range of services to support every phase of project and programme management as follows:

Organizational profile development
  • We craft comprehensive profiles that highlight your organization’s strengths, capabilities, and achievements, which you can use in proposals and stakeholder communications.
Concept Note/Proposal writing and reviews
  • We support you in the creating and refining you concept notes and proposals to secure funding and stakeholder buy-in for your projects and programmes.
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems development
  • We design robust M&E frameworks to track project/programme performance, ensure accountability, and facilitate continuous improvement.
Project evaluations and impact assessments
  • We conduct thorough evaluations to measure project performance, outcomes, and impact against predefined objectives. This helps in understanding the value delivered and areas for improvement.
Risk management and mitigation
  • We work with you to identify potential risks early in the project/programme lifecycle and guide you to develop strategies to mitigate these risks, ensuring smooth execution and successful outcomes.
Capacity building and training
  • We provide tailor-made training, coaching and mentorship to enhance the skills and knowledge of your team members in project and programme management best practices.
Stakeholder engagement and communication
  • We help you develop strategies for effective stakeholder engagement, networking, and communication to enable you ensure that all parties are informed, involved, and aligned with the project/programme goals.
Project portfolio management
  • We provide technical advice in a continuous/ accompaniment manner so as to support you manage multiple
    projects/programmes within your organization to ensure alignment with strategic objectives, optimal resource utilization, and maximum value delivery.

Examples of Our Work in Project/Programme Management

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