PCM Training

Duration: 4 Days

Language: English


In order to maximize the chances of success of any development program, it is important that all stakeholders, understand the various aspects of managing a project. This Project Cycle Management Course is designed to impart practical skills and knowledge, confidence related to the conceptualization, planning, implementation, management and evaluation of community projects.

Course Description

The course is designed to help participants:

  • Understand institutional aspects of project conceptualization and management
  • Learn ways to design, implement, monitor, evaluate and mainstream projects
  • Understand the PCM approach and how to use it to design and implement projects
  • Identify and test mainstreaming opportunities
  • Learn how to build a logical framework to link the different stages and put all the main elements into a simple plan
  • To design and effective monitoring and evaluation tool to enable them track and report results
  • To understand an effective monitoring and evaluation tool to enable them track and report results
  • Understand best practice techniques for project management


The training will cover the following areas:

1. Institutional Vs Organizational Development

2. PCM as a Training Tool

3. Overview of PCM

4. Project Identification

5. Project Design

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Research on Baseline Information
  • Problem and Objective Trees

6. The Logical Framework Approach

  • Goals/purpose
  • Output/activities
  •  Indicators
  • Evidence and Risk analysis
  • Assumption/precondition

7. Proposal Development
8. Action Planning
9. Project Implementation
10. Monitoring and Reviewing
11. Project Management

  • Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Project Close Outs


Emphasis is on Practical skills. Plenary presentation & Group Work with the use of templates, and practical tools will be supplemented with Knowledge Transfer Activities that each participant will develop and implement in their work. After-Training, follow-up and remedial coaching will be offered to interested participants and organizations on request.